Emilia Pattison

Regional Ambassador

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Emilia Pattison is 21 years old and working towards a bachelor’s degree in computer science. She has struggled with epilepsy for 12 years. As a result of having seizures, Emilia has not been able to do some things that other kids get to do, such as ride a bike, swim, nor drive. This has been a daily struggle for years, but she is on the road to recovery! 

Emilia played volleyball in high school for a very competitive club volleyball team called “Sunshine Westside”. In 2017 she won 2nd place in the Junior Olympics. Shortly after, she was offered multiple scholarships to play volleyball in college. Although Emilia loves sports, she chose to join the sorority Pi Beta Phi and retire from athletics. 

Through her college experience, Sophomore year was the most challenging. Emilia already struggles with petite-mal seizures, but in 2019 she had a grand-mal seizure each month. She decided to take control of her epilepsy and do everything in her power to overcome this obstacle. Starting June 29th, Emilia began the keto-genic diet (that is originally meant to help people with epilepsy) drain deuterium from her body, and work out everyday. Since she started this new lifestyle she has not had a grand-mal seizure. 

Emilia is on her way to overcoming her own Everest, which is stopping her epilepsy. She has teamed up with her father, Mark Pattison who will climb Mt. Everest as a tribute to her and others living with the challenges of epilepsy, to raise funds and awareness for the Epilepsy Foundation as an Ambassador for Athletes vs Epilepsy. She truly wants to make a difference by helping other men, women, and children just like her.

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