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Your donation will help fund innovation in accelerating new treatments and therapies in a time frame that matters. No donation is too big or too small, every dollar counts to the people living with epilepsy.  This is the second year that I have ran for the Epilepsy Foundation.  This cause is very personal for me because one of my children has epilepsy.  He was diagnosed at the age of 5 after having several grand mal seizures and spending a week at Children's Mercy Hospital under continuous EEG monitoring.  He has never had complete seizure control.  When he was younger after he was initially started on medication, he would go several months in between seizures. However,  over the past two or three years, the seizures have increased to approximately once every week.  They affect his mood, functioning, memory, and learning abilities.  He recently switched to a new medication which unfortunately has not helped at all with seizure control.  This is the third medication that has not been effective in providing seizure control for him.  The medications carry many side effects as well that affects his mood, memory, and functioning.  While we are frustrated and discouraged by his current (lack of) seizure control, we remain hopeful.  Many children with epilepsy endure several seizures a day, which I cannot even imagine.  When my son has a seizure, it wipes him out for several hours. This is what drives me to run.  I want to be a part of an organization that promotes awareness and supports efforts for desperately needed new therapies and treatments for this disorder.  Our son is amazing and has such an empathetic and charismatic spirit. Thank you in advance for your support for this cause that has such a big place in my heart. 

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Anyone, regardless of athletic talent can help fundraise and raise awareness. The Epilepsy Foundation and Athletes vs Epilepsy is dedicated to ensuring that people with epilepsy can experience all that life has to offer.