TIME OUT: 10 Questions with Olympian Chanda Gunn

We asked out Athlete Ambassadors and Board of Directors to answer these 10 fun and informative questions about their workouts, inspirations, and lives.  Read on for Chanda Gunn’s answers:

Name: Chanda Gunn
City of residence:  Boston, Massachusetts
Hometown: Huntington Beach, California
Profession: Director, Newton Teen Center

1.Which three words would your friends use to describe you?
Energetic, Compassionate, Congenial

2.Who inspires you in your athletic pursuits and why?
Cammi Granato and Charlie Huddy.  There is not enough to say about either of them, their work ethic, their leadership, their character.  Those things are more important to me than talent or achievements.

3.What is the happiest moment of your life thus far?
Seems like I have a new one everyday.  Each time I accomplish a goal it seems like a better moment than the last.  The first time I made the US National team was a really happy athletic moment, as was the 2005 world championships.  In life... I kid you not... I was giddy when I got tickets to a sold out Brandi Carlile concert.  I'm kind of passionate about her.

4.What is the happiest moment of your life thus far?
Our 2005 World Championship victory are the first two athletic moments that come to mind.

5.What is/are your favorite song(s) to listen to while working out? 
I don't have a playlist because I get bored easily.  I listen to Lori Grande on country radio or Brandi Carlile.

6.What is your favorite time of day to work out/train and why? 
First thing in the morning, before I get distracted or invested in another project.

7.What is your go-to snack to give you energy before a workout or competition? 
I use dietary therapy to control my seizures so I eat a lot of “real food”.  I can have a higher content of carbohydrates after a workout. I make fantastic low carbohydrate whole food blueberry muffins.

8.What is your favorite book?
I loved the Harry Potter series.  I read it in a post-graduate year of college.  I remember when the book came out wanting to do nothing else but read.  I just read “Wonder”.  A children's book that was OUTSTANDING.

9.How do you unwind and de-stress after a competition?
Stretch.  Shower.  Eat.  

10.What is your most treasured possession? 
My cat.  Amelia.  If any living thing is really a possession.  Otherwise I will be genuine, but cheesy, there is nothing I have right now that I couldn't live without.

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