Jamall & Rebekah Walker

AvE Ambassador

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Jamall and Rebekah Walker live in Champaign, Illinois with their sons Braylon and AJ. Rebekah is actively involved in the local community and Jamall is an assistant basketball coach at the University of Illinois. He has worked for the Fighting Illini since 2012 and served as the interim head coach during the 2017 NIT, leading the Orange and Blue to a quarterfinals appearance.

The real star of the family is their five year old son Braylon. He can often be seen on the jumbotron at games playing his trombone, showing off his dance moves and cheering loud and hard for his favorite Illini players. 

In January of 2017, Braylon had his first seizure. Two weeks later he had a second and the Walker family’s journey with epilepsy began. After several tests, Braylon was diagnosed with nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy. 

Although it has been challenging, Rebekah and Jamall feel it is important to share Braylon’s story. The Walkers are excited to be partnering with Athletes vs Epilepsy, turning a difficult situation into a positive opportunity to help find a cure.

Illini fight alongside Walker family as son Braylon deals with epilepsy