Josh Mirob

Youth Ambassador

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Josh became passionate about fishing at the age of 2, when flipping through the channels on a hotel TV and came across a fishing tournament. On a track trip with the family, he was transfixed on the tournament and later brought the hotel TV remote to the track stadium. His mother discovered this when he was crying about not being able to change the channel of the Jumbo Tron at the track meet. Ever since then, Josh fished as if it was an Olympic sport. He won his first derby by the age of 4 and travels everywhere with portable rods-n-reels. But fishing isn’t his only passion, he also loves and plays football, baseball, and basketball.

 During family movie night, Josh discovered football when the family was watching The Blindside. Despite resistance from his parents, Josh ended up playing flag football at school. He quickly became just as masterful at football as he was at fishing. Josh was named to the Mass All-Star Team as starting linebacker this in fall 2016. Not to be limited to two sports, Josh quickly started playing baseball soon after football. When he was 9, he hit his first 200-foot homer and he was hooked. He now plays 13U for the New England Ruffnecks. When he packs he baseball bag for travel games, he packs his rod-n-reels.

By 11 he discovered basketball. A little late to the sport and being just slightly above average height, he was far behind the other players his age. In true Joshua form, he spent hours teaching himself techniques he saw on television. His middle school basketball team is at the top of their league. He made the team, but at the start of the season, he was the 8th man off the bench. He was laser focused on becoming a bigger contributor. His efforts paid off. By the 3rd game, he was starting. With three sports and competing seasons, he doesn’t fish as much as he would like, but hopes to find time at his boarding prep school, which is located by a river.

 People ask him, why Athletes vs Epilepsy? It’s simple. Josh would love to see a cure for epilepsy in his lifetime. He would love to help other children, or anyone with seizure disorders, live typical lives and not be stifled by their condition. However, if Josh doesn’t live to see the day, he will not feel that we have failed. He knows our efforts will help make life easier for those who are suffering now and our efforts will contribute to a foundation that could someday lead to a cure.